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      Antony, 47, Senior Partner, UK law firm

      Key Results –

      Before working with Frances

      • score on the Insomnia Severity Index of 18 – suffering from moderate insomnia
      • only getting about 4.5 hours a night including weekends
      • disturbed sleep – falls asleep easily but frequent, long awakenings during the night
      • awake very early in the morning and unable to get back to sleep
      • considerable health impacts
      • a great strain on family relationships
      • exhausted at work and had to take 4 months off work due to ill health.


      • score on the Insomnia Severity Index down to 5 –  no longer suffering from insomnia
      • able to return to work
      • excellent Sleep Efficiency score – spends over 87% of time in bed asleep
      • sleeping for an average of 6 hours a night
      • knows what to do on the odd bad night and is no longer anxious about getting to sleep.
      1. What was your sleep like before you started working with me?

      Poor.  I have struggled to sleep at various points in the past.  However, it reached a low point over a 2 year period when dealing with 3 large (and difficult) cases.  For the final 6 months I was unable to sleep for 2 – 3 hours at a time and on occasion I was awake for several hours.  This, combined with working pretty long hours, led to me have 4 months off work due to utter exhaustion.  I started working with you in that period.

      2.   What impact was poor sleep having on your life/health/career/relationships/potential/happiness?

      See above: 4 months off work, considerable impact on my health and a great strain on family relationships.

      3.   What made you decide to work with me?

      I needed help! Whilst I could have bungled along as before, being off work made me realise I needed more direct assistance.  I had read Nick Littlehales’ book in the past and knew the importance of sleep.  I just wasn’t very good at it. My wife had heard of your work from a friend.

      4.   What concerns did you have about working with me or tackling your sleep problem?

      No real concerns but maybe feared there was not a lot that could be done that I hadn’t already tried.

      5.   What did you enjoy and/or feel challenged by in our work together?  

      Bringing a structure and some clarity to how sleep works and what’s required for a ‘good night’s sleep’.

      Also, the fact that the course builds as it progresses with progress being marked and clearly measurable.  I appreciated being set tasks which seemed achievable if I did my part.  I also valued the structure to the tasks and their evolution over the weeks.  Also, seeing progress. Not always linear but always in the right direction.

      There is some real substance to the programme.  A lot of ‘sleep therapy’ articles/programmes are pretty flimsy once you dig below the surface (have a cool room, don’t look at a mobile phone, listen to music, drink herbal tea, etc, etc).  90% of it is superficial nonsense.

      Here, you get the sense that the programme is carefully thought out whilst also being bespoke for each person.  Not an easy thing to achieve.

      Also, Frances has a great manner.  She provides help over and above the basic ‘sleep’ requirements, looking at what else is going on in the person’s life and how she may be able to help (in my case returning to work after a long period off through poor health).

      Explaining how each session is going to work at the beginning is a small thing but helps the attendee understand ‘the plan’.

      As someone who’s naturally inquisitive but at the same time a natural cynic I thought this worked really well. All is all, a very good programme (from someone who was notoriously poor at sleeping).

      1. What impact has our work together had on your work and life generally?

      I’ve been back at work for over a year.  On the whole using your techniques as and when needed has worked well.   I’m a long way from the Zombie who came to see you!
      I’m sleeping for longer durations.  Have a plan if things don’t work: breathing exercises / focusing on other things / reading to break up the thoughts churning through my head and if all else fails getting up to get a tea.

      1.  Did anything surprise you about my Sleep Well Programme and its methods/impact? 

      I wouldn’t say surprised. I was pleased with the progress and impact, and enjoyed working with you.  I had been referred to a counsellor in the past through work health insurance.  There was no comparison: her work was based on a preordained script and wasn’t adapted for my circumstances.  I’m not ‘special’ but my situation is not the same as say policeman / teacher / A N Other.

      1. What would you say to someone who was thinking about working with me? 

      Go for it. There’s a lot of on line courses / so called ‘experts’ out there.  However, on the whole, there’s no substitute for sitting down with someone who knows their subject and is focusing on your unique situation.

      This programme is a ‘game-changer’.  I’ve had sleep problems for years which contributed to significant period of ill-health, and this helped me get back on my feet and ready to face the World again.

      I have been a light sleeper since my children were born. Our sessions firstly identified why I was struggling to sleep through the night, and then agreed a clear action plan for behaviour changes. The impact was very quickly significant and my quality of sleep is hugely improved, with all the resulting daytime benefits of clearing thinking and higher energy levels. Frances is a perceptive, intuitive, easy to open up to and a natural coach.

      Sallyann Betts

      Head of Account Management, G C Business Hub

      I’ve had sleep issues for decades and over the years have explored all sorts of “cures” with little or no success. When I contacted Frances I was just hoping for a small improvement. The last two years has been particularly bad so a small improvement would have been very welcome. What happened felt almost miraculous. I now sleep 6 – 8 hours a night and am happy to give up my label of ” poor sleeper”



      This programme is a ‘game-changer’.  I’ve had sleep problems for years which contributed to significant period of ill-health, and this helped me get back on my feet and ready to face the World again. Also Frances has a great manner.  She provides help over and above the basic ‘sleep’ requirements, looking at what else is going on in the person’s life and how she may be able to help (in my case returning to work after a long period off through poor health).


      Partner, UK Law Firm


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      This is for you if you’re not sure yet the kind of support you need.  Or perhaps you feel you’d benefit from a one-off session to re-focus your sleep habits. In this 60 minute Sleep Analysis Call, we’ll explore your current sleeping patterns and identify the factors that stand between you and a good night’s sleep. You’ll then be ready to start the journey to sound sleep every night.

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      This online course brings together all that you need to know to tackle your sleeping difficulty.  Based on the latest clinically tested approaches, you’ll identify the exact nature of your problem and then learn effective techniques to re-build sound sleep.

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      If you know you need help fast so you can get back to being on top of your game, this programme is for you.  You won’t need to wade through generalist advice or use trial and error.  Working together we’ll get straight to the heart of the matter and move quickly to practical strategies to get your sleep back on track.


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