A 5-week guided online Programme, providing a clear and direct pathway to refreshing sleep, without medication.

Is this you?

Lack of sleep is making your life harder than it should be.  You’ve no shortage of ambitions, dreams and drive but know that you’d be so much more effective, happier and healthier if only you could get more sleep. Consistently.

You know deep down that you “should” be doing something to sort out your sleep. You’ve tried a few things before but they didn’t work. So now you’ve become cynical and pretty much given up hope.

You’re frustrated and tell yourself that as a competent professional you surely can fix the problem yourself.

You’ve read the theory and know the principles.  Yet, knowing the theory doesn’t change what actually happens night after night, and the impact on your quality of life.

Somehow you just can’t find the key.


If this resonates with you, you’re in the right place.


Sleep Well Roadmap is a guided, evidence-based online Programme that will support you step by step to sound sleep in just 5 short weeks. The online programme is combined with weekly calls giving you direct access to my professional support and guidance.  So that you’ll rebuild your sleep habits, steadily and confidently.

Take a moment to consider the difference that would make in your life, your work, your relationships.

Online programmes have many benefits. You can work at a pace and time of your choice. Yet they have a huge drop-out rate.

So many people (myself included!) buy an online course with the best of intentions and then fail to get the full value from it. I’ve even invested in courses yet never accessed them!

That’s why I’m offering Sleep Well Roadmap. This combines all the advantages of a comprehensive, high value online programme with live support and accountability. This means you get the best possible results, in the fastest and most effective way for you.

Sleep Well Roadmap is structured around five essential Elements

Five Elements of the Sleep Well Programme with Frances Taylor

These Elements work together to create a powerful and sustainable pathway to sound sleep –


1. Good 24/7 Sleep Habits

Sleep is about so much more than what happens when you get into bed. Healthy sleep comes from healthy 24/7 habits. We’ll take an audit of your daily routines and habits to ensure they promote sound sleep.


2. Positive Sleep Mindset

When you’ve had night after night of poor sleep, it’s common to lose confidence and believe that you’re just someone who can never sleep well. Yet as in so many other areas of life, sleep is more likely to happen if you approach it positively. With this Element, you’ll learn the mindset of a successful sleeper, rebuilding confidence in your ability to sleep well.


3. Sleep Efficiency Training

Many people with sleeping problems feel anxious as bed time approaches. Instead of anticipating a refreshing night, they fear the opposite. This powerful strategy tracks your progress as you re-build a positive association between bed and sleep, tackling both the quality and quantity of your sleep. You become an efficient sleeper, confident that the hours you spend in bed are spent in restful sleep.


4. Mind Management

One of the most common difficulties people face in their struggle to sleep is quietening the mind. You fall asleep on the sofa but once your head hits the pillow it fires up again. With this Element you’ll learn techniques to deal with daytime stressors and night time thoughts so your body and mind are ready for sleep.


5. Practical Relaxation Techniques

Here you’ll learn practical skills that support the other Elements, providing you with simple tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily routines to reduce stress, strengthen resilience and improve sleep quality.


What’s included in the Sleep Well Roadmap?


  • Lifetime access to Sleep Well Fundamentals – a comprehensive online Programme that brings together everything you need to tackle your sleeping difficulty.  Based on the latest clinically tested approaches and packed with practical effective tools and resources it’s carefully structured to bring refreshing sleep – without medication


  • Five weekly small group (maximum of 6 people) Q and A sessions by Zoom. A confidential, respectful space where you can get tailored support, ask questions and benefit from the experiences of others


  • A weekly check-in of your progress where you are held (gently but firmly!) accountable. This ensures that you are encouraged to take practical steps and any hiccups in your progress are nipped in the bud ensuring you progress quickly, building your sleep confidence


  • A one-to-one call with me one month after the end of the Roadmap, to ensure that you are maintaining your new sound sleep habits and to make any final tweaks and recommendations.



“This programme is a ‘game-changer’.  I’ve had sleep problems for years which contributed to a significant period of ill-health. This helped me get back on my feet and ready to face the World again.
There is some real substance to the programme.  A lot of ‘sleep therapy’ articles/programmes are pretty flimsy once you dig below the surface (have a cool room, don’t look at a mobile phone, listen to music, drink herbal tea, etc, etc).  90% of it is superficial nonsense.
Here, you get the sense that the programme is carefully thought out whilst also being bespoke for each person.  Not an easy thing to achieve.
Also, Frances has a great manner.  She provides help over and above the basic ‘sleep’ requirements, looking at what else is going on in the person’s life and how she may be able to help (in my case returning to work after a long period off through poor health).
Explaining how each session is going to work at the beginning is a small thing but helps the attendee understand ‘the plan’.
As someone who’s naturally inquisitive but at the same time a natural cynic I thought this worked really well.
All is all, a very good programme (from someone who was notoriously poor at sleeping).”  – 
Anthony, Law Firm Senior Partner


If you’d like to feel the way Anthony now feels about his sleep,

simply book to join me on the next Sleep Well Roadmap!

I run Sleep Well Roadmap just two or three times a year with a maximum of six participants so early booking is highly recommended. Please sign up below to find out when the next Programme starts.

Your Investment

£495 plus about 1 hour a week of your time to work through the online materials (at a time to suit you) plus 1 hour for the weekly Q and A call.

About Frances

I’m a Sleep Expert, creator of Sleep Well programmes that guide you to work well and live well within 5 weeks, without medication.

I set up my first wellbeing consultancy over 15 years ago facilitating stress management and resilience events for leaders and teams in businesses as diverse as Universities and world famous film studios.  In my many conversations with people of all ages and occupations, I became increasingly fascinated by sleep.

How come what is “supposed” to come naturally was causing so many people such trouble?

I knew our busy lives had a lot to do with it so I started running community based classes teaching people how to relax into sleep rather than struggle with it. I loved the work and loved the brilliant results even more! But I also met people for whom just thinking about sleep made them very anxious. Bed time really had become dread time.

Frances Taylor, the Sleep Fixer

I needed more tools to give them so I trained in CBTi – a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy specially adapted for insomnia. It’s the treatment recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). I combine this approach with the many other practical strategies I’ve developed with great success over the years. 

The result? My comprehensive, science-based Programmes that teach you the skills and mindset to regain refreshing sleep, within 5 weeks and without the need for medication.

These days sleep is at last gaining recognition as the third pillar of wellbeing along with diet and exercise. It really is the foundation for your health, happiness and success. 

Sleep is seemingly a simple thing with the power to transform your life and work. Yet it eludes so many people.

If you’ve had night after night of broken sleep then it’s easy to think this is just how it is. You accept it. You adapt and push on. You do a pretty good job at coping. Research however shows that people who sleep poorly overestimate their performance. Even though you know that lack of sleep is affecting your life and work, you might not realise the full extent. Those around you probably see it differently.

Enough now!  It’s time to wake up to the fact that you’re not sleeping well. Let me help. I’d love to support you get your sleep – and your life – back on track.

The results I get show that there’s no need to struggle with sleep – everyone can learn how to dramatically improve their sleep.  

After all, everything is so much easier after a good night’s sleep.

Got a question?  Check out the FAQs below or hop on a call

How much is the Sleep Well Roadmap?

It’s £495 – that’s instant, lifetime access to the full five-week Programme together with 5 weekly Q&A calls to keep you on track.

What exactly do you get for that?

You get immediate access to all the resources of the online Programme. You’ll have your own password-protected access and can work at your own pace.

The Programme is carefully structured to fix your sleep in five weeks or less. The resources are a mix of video, PDFs and audio including 3 Sleep Well guided MP3s to guide you to relax into sleep. The Programme brings together in one place all the science-based strategies that you need to get refreshing sleep. It goes well beyond for example the basic “sleep hygiene” advice you’ll often get when you visit your GP or look online. It offers a comprehensive range of approaches so you learn not only how to relax but also to manage your thoughts and build a positive sleep mindset.

You also benefit from weekly small group (maximum of 6 people) Q and A sessions by Zoom. This is a confidential, respectful space where you can get tailored support, ask questions and benefit from the experiences of others. You’ll also be (gently) held accountable for your progress so that you stay on track.

How is Sleep Well Roadmap different to Sleep Well Fundamentals?

The Fundamentals Programme is entirely self-guided. 

Can I join Sleep Well Roadmap at any time?

No. This is a guided programme where you benefit from weekly Calls with me. I only offer it 2 or 3 times a year to a small group of maximum 6 people.

What if I can’t make one of the weekly calls?

The Calls will be recorded and available for a limited time. 

What if I don't get on with the Roadmap Programme?

That’s simple. I offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee. There’s no catch – I want people to be delighted with the Programme.

How much time will I need to complete it?

You’ll need about an hour a week to digest the input for that week and do the exercises. Plus an hour for the weekly calls. Then it’s a question of putting the new strategies into action – which may at first take a bit of thinking about and experimentation but shouldn’t take you very long. This is where the Q and A calls come in as together we’ll ensure that you’re adopting the most effective approaches. You’ll be amply rewarded for your time investment with quality sleep!

I've had bad sleep for years. Will this work for me?

Yes! There’s absolutely no reason why not. I recommend that you consult a medical practitioner if you have sleeping problems, to check there isn’t an underlying medical cause. Apart from that, the length of time that you’ve had a problem doesn’t really play a part when it comes to fixing it. Obviously if you’ve had poor sleep for years, you need to be patient as you work through the Programme – but most people including those with long term insomnia see significant improvements by Week 3.

I'm on sleeping meds. Will it still work?

Consult your doctor if you’re thinking of reducing or stopping your sleeping medication.  The Programme is designed to turn you into a confident, self-sufficient sleeper with no need for meds. But you can certainly do the Programme while on meds. You’ll probably find that either during the Programme or shortly after you’ve finished it, you feel able to reduce or stop them altogether.

I'm still not sure if it's for me. How can I find out more?

Let’s hop on a call together and pick a time to suit you.




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