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Do you want to Regain Control
of your Sleep?


Are you finding sleep a constant battle? 


Does it feel as if sleep is in control of you, not the other way around? Do you need to get sleep back into its proper place in your life? 

This Diagnostic is based on my experience transforming the sleep of many people.

Simply answer 25 questions about your current sleeping patterns.
You’ll then receive tailored feedback with clear insights so you can understand what’s getting between you and healthy sleep. 
PLUS you’ll benefit from my science-based recommendations for better sleep
AND understand your next steps for transforming your sleep.


Simply register your details below to access the sleep diagnostic tool

Your sleep will be assessed in the following key areas:



Healthy 24/7 Habits

Sleep is about so much more than what happens when you get into bed. Healthy sleep comes from healthy 24/7 habits. This audit of your daily routines and habits will reveal how well they promote sound sleep. You’ll gain insights into how effectively you manage stress and deal with overwhelm. 


Mind Management 

One of the most common difficulties people face in their struggle to sleep is quietening the mind. Learning how to power down the brain at night is a key skill for sound sleep. Here we’ll   explore how well you deal with intrusive thoughts that have the potential to wreck your sleep.  


Positive Sleep Mindset

If you have night after night of poor sleep, it’s natural to lose confidence and believe that you’re just someone who can never sleep well. Yet as in so many other areas of life, sleep is more likely to happen if you approach it positively. You’ll discover how well your mindset supports your ability to sleep well.

How it works

This Diagnostic is designed to be simple, yet effective. You’ll gain insights into your current sleeping patterns with professional, science-based recommendations to bring better sleep. This means no more wasting of your precious time and energy searching the internet for ‘cures’ that don’t work. Instead, you’ll have practical steps you can take straight away.


Answer 25 yes/no questions

These questions help me to highlight your sleep strengths and pinpoint areas for improvement

Receive your results

Once you have finished, your answers are analysed to produce your personal report 

Next steps

Based on your results, I’ll provide practical science-based recommendations to bring better sleep

Struggling to sleep was a constant battle, affecting my whole life including my mental health.Now I just don’t have to think about it. Working with Frances changed my life – she’s fantastic to work with and you’ve got nothing to lose, apart from your insomnia.

Steph, 54, CFO

This programme is a ‘game-changer’.  I’ve had sleep problems for years which contributed to significant period of ill-health, and this helped me get back on my feet and ready to face the World again. 

AR, Senior Partner in Law Practice


Simply register your details below to access the sleep diagnostic tool

About me

I’m a Sleep Expert, creator of Sleep Well programmes that guide people in all walks of life to sleep well, work well and live well within just a few weeks, without medication.

I’ve been working in the welbeing arena for 15+ years supporting business leaders, managers and teams to build personal and organisational resilience.

Over time I became fascinated with the importance of good sleep and the fact that it was so often overlooked. I came to undesrstand that sleep really is The Cinderella of Good Health. 

Supporting people like you to enjoy healthy sleep is now my sole focus and passion. The core of my approach is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi), recommended by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) as the first line treatment for insomnia. To this I add powerful exercises and tools that I’ve developed over the years guiding people to sleep more and stress less.

I’ve always been a stickler for high standards (the former teacher in me!) and am proud to be a Fellow of the International Stress Management Association (UK).  

Good sleep really is the foundation for your health, happiness and success. It’s a simple thing with the power to transform your life and work. Yet it eludes so many people. It’s my passion to provide trustworthy advice and support to enable everyone to sleep well, work well and live well. 

Frances Taylor, the Sleep Fixer

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