Unlock the Secrets of Sound Sleep


30 March at 12.30pm



Is this you?

Every single night (or most of them anyway) you lie in bed just wishing you could simply fall to sleep!

After what feels like an endless night, you struggle out of bed, feeling groggy and short-tempered with your family.  By lunchtime you’re exhausted, even forgetting key details in work or client meetings.  You simply feel overwhelmed.

When you’re short on sleep it can be hard to get clear on what you need to do.  The internet is full of confusing and conflicting advice.  Knowing the theory isn’t translating to change.  This lack of sleep is seriously impacting your quality of life.

I can help

My name is Frances Taylor. I’m a Sleep Expert.  I guide clients who struggle to sleep (sometimes for years) to unlock the secrets of refreshing sleep.  People tell me that they’ve tried so many other things and nothing has worked – until my expert support.

For example my client Anthony, a partner in a law firm in his 50s said:

“Whilst I could have bungled along as before, being off work made me realise I needed more direct assistance.  I had read Nick Littlehales’ book in the past and knew the importance of sleep.  I just wasn’t very good at it.   I needed help! There are a lot of online courses / so called ‘experts’ out there.  However, on the whole, there’s no substitute for sitting down with someone who knows their subject and is focusing on your unique situation.”

Frances Taylor, the Sleep Fixer

Because I’m passionate about the importance of sleep and how fundamental it is to good health and work performance, I’m sharing the five key elements you need for refreshing, healthy sleep in a free lunchtime online session Unlock the Secrets of Sound Sleep on Tuesday 30 March at 12.30pm.

In just one hour I’ll share:

  • Why sleep is the third pillar of your health, well-being and performance
  • The five building blocks of sleep
  • Practical steps that you can take immediately to bring better sleep

You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions.
As I’ll be using Zoom webinar platform, you’ll be assured of full confidentiality.


Unlock the Secrets of Sound Sleep

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