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I’m the Sleep Fixer. Here’s how I work…


I’m The Sleep Fixer. I work with busy professionals who know that lack of sleep is having a negative impact on their work and life. I guide you to regain refreshing sleep consistently, without the need for medication. I achieve this by providing online programmes and 121 coaching based on clinically tested, practical and comprehensive strategies.

My Philosophy

There are only 5 things you need to know about my Sleep Well programmes! They are based on my unique framework that takes the very best treatments and blends them into a comprehensive, effective and practical package:

  1. Stepped and specific

My Programmes are carefully structured so that you progress steadily and smoothly from sleep-deprived to sleep-confident. They feature my unique tried and tested steps for you to build practically into your daily schedule. This is not a generalised tick- box approach. All Programmes are designed with the realities of life in mind and include tips and recommendations for specific work/life situations whether that’s balancing the excitement of running a business, managing mid-career work and family stresses or avoiding burn out.


  1. Over and Above

The support you receive goes over and above fixing your sleep. The things you’ll learn are game-changing. They’ll not only dramatically improve your sleep but also benefit your whole life. The techniques and the self-awareness that you’ll develop will be of life-long value. You can access the programmes at times to suit you and the resources are yours for ever.

  1. Up-to-date

The core of my approach is based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBTi), recommended by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) as the first line treatment for insomnia.  To this I add specially designed exercises and tools that I’ve developed over the years working with people in a range of settings. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach and wherever possible,  I’ll offer alternative, bespoke suggestions to suit my clients.  You’ll also benefit from my understanding of the wealth of on-going research into sleep.

  1. No nonsense

I won’t ask you to spend shedloads on supplements or fancy foods. You won’t have to invest in a new mattress, special blankets or mood lighting. I’ll guide you away from unnecessary habits that mean you can only sleep if the door is ajar or the curtains just so. I’ll show you practical sleep steps that you can build into your daily routine. You’ll learn how to sleep well, naturally and confidently without pills, potions or rituals.

  1. Deliver results

99% of my clients see significant improvements within 3 sessions and are fully confident in their sleep again after 5. But if at the end of the one of my Programmes you’re not satisfied, then I offer a no quibble, full money back guarantee. That’s how confident I am!


My Wish For You

Life is so much better after a good night’s sleep! Whatever other challenges face you right now, you need sleep on your side. To lead the life you choose, you need to know that at the end of a busy day, you can rely on consistently sound sleep. Sleep is the most important factor for your health, wellbeing and happiness. You don’t need to struggle on alone. Working with me, you can fix your sleep so you so wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead – with plenty of energy left over for your free time, whether that’s social activities or spending time with your loved ones.


Sleep Well 121 Premium

If you know you need help fast so you can get back to being on top of your game, this programme is for you.  You won't need to wade through generalist advice or use trial and error.  Working together we'll get straight to the heart of the matter and move quickly to practical strategies to get your sleep back on track.

Sleep Well Fundamentals

This online course brings together all that you need to know to tackle your sleeping difficulty.  Based on the latest clinically tested approaches, you'll identify the exact nature of your problem and then learn effective techniques to re-build sound sleep.

Sleep Analysis Call

This is for you if you're not sure yet the kind of support you need.  Or perhaps you feel you'd benefit from a one-off session to re-focus your sleep habits. In this 60 minute Sleep Analysis Call, we'll explore your current sleeping patterns and identify the factors that stand between you and a good night's sleep. You'll then be ready to start the journey to sound sleep every night.

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