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The 7 Day Better Sleep Challenge

Take the FREE 7 Day Better Sleep Challenge and learn all you need to know to start getting your sleep back on track.  You’ll get an email a day, each with one practical step to bring better zzzz’s – without resorting to pills or potions.  Based on sound sleep science, the Challenge covers the basics with advice you can rely upon. No more searching the internet for “cures” . This Challenge is a great place to start your journey for sound sleep. Practical, effective and easy to apply.

What you need to know about Sleep

Listen to my guest interview with Vicky Mason, marketing expert and founder of Make Your Difference on her Changing Habits
Changing Lives Podcast here.

In this video interview with Kim Searle, here we expore why sleep – or lack of it – is hitting the headlines and what you can do to get more of it. 

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