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Meet Frances Taylor.
The Sleep Fixer.


Key Facts

15+ years experience running businesses in the field of wellbeing and performance

Experience of working with leaders, managers and teams in a variety of businesses from universities to film studios

Fellow and Trustee of The International Stress Management Association (UK) with responsibility for professional standards and course accreditation

Established and facilitated a network in the North West of England for professionals in the health and wellbeing field

Creator of powerful Sleep Programmes based on the UK’s clinically-researched first line treatment


I’m Frances Taylor and I’m The Sleep Fixer.  I’m a wellbeing expert with 15+ years experience of running my own company and supporting business leaders, managers and teams to build personal and organisational resilience.

I’ve distilled all this experience and learning to create powerful science-backed Programmes that show business leaders and entrepreneurs how to sleep well, work well and live well.

How did I become The Sleep Fixer? Looking back there are key events that gradually influenced my path to this place, where I have a laser-sharp focus on sleep, its incredible benefits and why at least 1 in 4 people need to get more of it.

I started my working life as a high school teacher. My first job, naive and fresh out of training, was in a small mill town in the North of England. Unusually for a comprehensive school, Latin was taught to all Year 7s.  Yep it was my job to somehow make this ancient language relevant to my very lively and not always appreciative classes.  Tough though it was, I rapidly learnt how to engage kids who had never been to London, let alone Rome.  I found I thoroughly enjoyed creating lessons that were fun as well as informative.  Today, this skill set is still valuable.  My mission is to guide people to sleep well with advice that is firmly evidence-based, comprehensive and relevant to my audience.

Teaching is a stressful job and over the years, as well as having to manage my own wellbeing, I started to run workshops showing colleagues how to manage stress and stay resilient.

After a period teaching abroad, I returned to the UK and established my first wellbeing consultancy. I designed and facilitated events in a wide variety of businesses, from Universities to world famous film studios.  The flexible and practical approach that I first started learning back in front of those naughty Year 7s still serves me well!

I’ve always been a stickler for high standards and in 2012 I became first a Trustee and then Fellow of the International Stress Management Association (UK) with specific responsibility for establishing new professional standards. I also established a regional network for businesses and individuals working in the field.

At this time, I was becoming increasingly fascinated by sleep. It was difficult enough persuading workplaces to take stress seriously, but sleep was completely off the radar back then!  And yet I knew that many of my clients with stress and burnout desperately needed to get their sleep fixed so they could return to working and living well.

I realised that sleep was the Cinderella of Good Health.  People knew about diet and exercise but took sleep for granted – until that is, they woke up to the fact that they weren’t getting enough.

I decided to make sleep my primary focus. I trained in CBTi, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) which is now the clinically-researched front line treatment for both the UK and US.

Today I work with high achievers combining CBTi with my own tried and tested strategies so they can to get the myriad of physical, emotional and cognitive advantages that good sleep bestows.



This programme is a ‘game-changer’.  I’ve had sleep problems for years which contributed to significant period of ill-health, and this helped me get back on my feet and ready to face the World again. Also Frances has a great manner.  She provides help over and above the basic ‘sleep’ requirements, looking at what else is going on in the person’s life and how she may be able to help (in my case returning to work after a long period off through poor health).


Partner, UK Law firm


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