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A fast acting, fully bespoke Programme for busy professionals


It’s easy to fall into the habit of thinking that poor sleep is just something you
have to put up with.  If you’ve not slept well for weeks, months or even years,
you adapt – and forget what it was like to wake up refreshed and ready for the
day ahead.


This Programme will turn that around – in five weeks or less.


Go for it. There’s a lot of on line courses / so called ‘experts’ out there.  However, on the whole, there’s no substitute for sitting down with someone who knows their subject and is focusing on your unique situation.” Anthony UK Lawyer


Sleep Well 121 Premium - your fast track to sound sleep without medication

If you are a committed professional, you value your time and energy. You need your sleep so you can get on with doing the things you really want and need to do – both at work and home.

With Sleep Well 121 Premium you have me as your personal sleep expert, guiding you quickly and effectively to refreshing and energising sleep.

You won’t need to plough through generalist sleep advice or experiment with different approaches. Working together, we get quickly  to the heart of the matter and start implementing the right, personalised strategies from the first session. Within five weeks (or less) your sleep will be back on track without the need for medication.


Is this you?


Lack of regular, good quality sleep messes with your life – your whole life.

You know the signs.  Getting a good night’s sleep on a regular basis feels beyond your control. You’re bewildered and although you don’t like to admit it even to yourself, a little frightened. 

Each day is an uphill struggle as you battle to clear your brain and find the focus that once was so easy for you.  Instead of feeling on top of your game, you fight exhaustion. The energy you used to freely invest in work projects, your family, your social life is now all used up in just getting through the day, the week, the month…

This can feel such a frustrating and miserable place. But you don’t need to stay there.  I can show you how to fix your sleep  – healthily, sustainably within five weeks.

Want to know more?  Schedule a call with me at your convenience. There’s no obligation, just an opportunity to ask questions and check out my approach.

How Sleep Well 121 Premium works

With this fast-acting and fully bespoke programme you get –

  • five in-depth Sleep Consultation Calls ideally a week apart
  • weekly monitoring and analysis of your sleep progress 
  • targeted evidenced-based strategies to move you forward each week
  • approaches that are refined to suit your particular needs/situation
  • tasks and tools to keep you accountable and on track between sessions
  • between session support by email or text if you need to check anything out or ask a question
  •  lifetime access to Sleep Well Fundamentals online – a comprehensive resource bank to use at any time in the future if your sleep needs a re-boot
  • a sixth Consultation Call 3 – 4 weeks after you finish the Programme to ensure you’re still delighted with your sleep.

Want to know more? Choose a time to talk – 

Sleep Well 121 Premium Features

Comprehensive and structured to bring results - fast

The Programme brings together everything that you need to regain the confidence and ability to sleep well. It’s built on 5  Elements –

  1. Good 24/7 Sleep Habits – daily routines and behaviours to promote sound sleep
  2. Positive Sleep Mindset – rebuilding confidence in your ability to sleep well
  3. Sleep Efficiency Training – a powerful tool to track your progress as you create a positive association between the bed and sleep
  4. Mind Mangement –  techniques to manage thoughts that interfere with sleep
  5. Practical Relaxation Techniques – to calm body and mind and strenghten personal resilience.


Bringing a laser sharp focus

With me as your personal sleep guru, we’ll get straight to the heart of the issue. Together we’ll identify the exact nature of your sleeping problem and then I’ll select the most relevant interventions. You won’t have to waste your time or energy searching for the right “cure” or go up blind alleys with generalist approaches.  Because I’ll ask for your feedback each week, the strategies I give you will be exactly right for you, delivered at the right time.  You receive the specific personalized support that you need to quickly and efficiently get your sleep back on track.

Providing practical evidence-based solutions

My approach encompasses current, clinically researched methods that are the UK’s recommended first line treatment for insomnia. I also draw on a wealth of experience and tried and tested tools and techniques that I’ve developed over the years.  I  always like to keep sleep simple. You chose to work with me because somehow it got complicated. I select simple yet effective solutions that fit your particular lifestyle, personality and expectations.  If a particular strategy doesn’t work for you, I’ll tweak it or provide an alternative.

Delivering speedy, sustainable results

Your pathway to sound sleep is carefully structured in 6 steps – 

  1. Explore your current sleep patterns
  2. Identify your sleep goals and what’s preventing you from getting there
  3. Build your personal Sleep Action Plan with carefuly targeted strategies
  4. Guide you to take action and be accountable for your progress
  5. Review your success and adjust your Sleep Action Plan as required
  6. Maintain progress with a check in 4 weeks after the end of the Programme.

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