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This evidence-based online Programme will get your sleep back on track

in five weeks or less, without medication

Are you tired of being tired all the time?

Would you love to wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead?


Looking for a comprehensive, evidenced-based Programme to fix your sleep?  Sleep Well Fundamentals will take you from sleep deprived to sleep confident in just 5 weeks – bringing healthy, refreshing and sustainable sleep without the need for medication. Most people notice significant improvements after just 3 weeks.

Based on up to date, clinically researched interventions together with my  tried and tested tools this comprehensive package gives you everything you need to fix your sleep. 

Good sleep is the foundation for good health, wellbeing and performance.  This Programme will transform your sleep, your work, your life.

All backed by my no-quibble money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

Sleep Well Fundamentals is structured around five essential Elements – 


1. Good 24/7 Sleep Habits – daily routines and behaviours to promote sound sleep

2. Positive Sleep Mindset – rebuilding confidence in your ability to sleep well

3. Sleep Efficiency Training – a powerful strategy to track your progress as you create a positive association between bed and sleep

4. Mind Management – learn techniques to reduce stress and manage thoughts that interfere with sleep

5. Practical Relaxation techniques – to calm body and mind and strengthen personal resilience

Sleep Well Fundamentals is a 5 Week online Programme. You can of course choose your own pace. It’s carefully structured, step by step, to create a clear and direct pathway to refreshing sleep.

For an investment of £295 you receive lifetime access to this comprehensive package of science-based strategies and practical tools that bring healthy, sustainable sleep – within five weeks or less.

Sleep Well Fundamentals Features


Comprehensive science-backed approach: everything you need in one place

Carefully structured to bring refreshing sleep - without meds

Lifetime access to practical effective tools and resources


Fast acting - sound sleep within 5 weeks or less

Here’s how it worked for Jane

“My sleeping problems started when both my parents became ill.  As their primary carer, I feel completely responsible for their health and wellbeing needs on a day to day basis. However, the strain of trying to juggle two homes and work commitments simultaneously proved detrimental to my ability to sleep well.

As the months went by, my need for a ‘good night’s sleep’ became desperate. I would regularly wake up each night with my mind full of the things that were essential for me to do the next day. Once awake, I found it almost impossible to get back to sleep.  My head was full of thoughts which swirled around almost endlessly, making me feel tired and anxious that I would forget important things.

I needed a solution urgently and particularly one that didn’t involve medication.

The Sleep Well Programme suited my needs perfectly.  At the start, I was typically getting about 2-3 hours sleep a night.  By the end, this had improved to 7 hours. The course taught me how to relax and deal with busy thoughts. I’ve been able to keep to the new routines, even after the Programme finished.” 

The SleepWell online course was well presented with a good mix of self assessment, educational content and practical sessions. 

I valued Frances’ professional, calm and reassuring presence in her video clips as she guided me through this course.

To use this course effectively, I needed to be proactive and complete daily questionnaires and exercises. These questionnaires helped me explore my sleep patterns and to analyse my experiential learning. The initial goal-setting exercise clarified my expectations for doing this course.

Through the sleep diary I discovered that when I fall asleep, I sleep well, but I tended to get to sleep quite late because of my habit of using my iPad in bed to wind down. 

Habits I have changed as a result of this course include, reduction in late night eating, practicing wind-down relaxation exercises in bed, especially slow breathing and stretching and switching off my light, usually by about 11.00pm (used to be 2.00-3.00am).

This course has reinforced my understanding that quality of sleep is very important. I have a new and significant understanding that good sleep is a 24/7 habit.  This has resulted in me paying attention to my stress levels throughout the day and to regularly pause and reflect on my well-being. I take regular relaxation breaks and power naps throughout the day.  

Thank you Frances, your SleepWell training was a life enhancing experience for me. 


Mental Health Practitioner Greater Manchester

The Programme exceeded my expectations. It goes beyond sleep management to ways to deal with general life stresses.
It’s changed my life.

Mae Teo

Business Owner

    Ready to start?

    Let me guide you to enjoy healthy, refreshing sleep!



I’m Frances and I’d love to guide you to sleep well, work well and live well.

I have over 15 years exerience designing and facilitating wellbeing events for individuals and teams. I love creating Sleep Well Programmes that are practical and effective.  I’ve always been a stickler for high standards (the former teacher in me!) and in Sleep Well Fundamentals I bring together everything you need to know to fix your sleep – tried and tested, evidence-based interventions that deliver results in five weeks or less.

I’m a highly practical person so you can be sure that you’ll find the materials easy to digest and apply. And as someone who once had to find a way to make Latin relevant to a bunch of naughty 11 year olds  (in an ordinary state school) I’m pretty confident you’ll find the programme refreshingly engaging and easy to follow!

Got a question?  Check out the FAQs here

How much is the Sleep Well fundamentals Programme? It’s £295 – that’s instant, lifetime  access to the full five week Programme

What exactly do I get for that? You get immediate access to all the resources of the Programme. They’re carefully structured to fix your sleep in five weeks or less. The resources are a mix of video, PDFs and audio including 3 Sleep Well guided MP3s to guide you to relax into sleep. The Programme brings together in one place all the science-based strategies that you need to get refreshing sleep. It goes well beyond for example the basic “sleep hygiene” advice you’ll often get when you visit your GP or look online. It offers a comprehensive range of approaches so you learn not only how to relax but also to manage your thoughts and build a positive sleep mindset. There are exercises to complete and tracking tools to hold you accountable and ensure you make steady progress. You’ll have your own password protected access and can work at your own pace.

What if I don’t get on with the Programme? That’s simple. I offer a no-quibble money back guarantee. There’s no catch – I want people to be delighted with the Programme.

How much time will I need to complete it? You’ll need about an hour a week to digest the input for that week and do the exercises. Then it’s a question of putting the new strategies into action – which may at first take a bit of thinking about and experimentation, but shouldn’t take you very long. And you’ll be amply rewarded for your time investment with quality sleep!

I’ve had bad sleep for years. Will this work for me? Yes! There’s absolutely no reason why not. I recommend that you consult a medical practitioner if you have sleeping problems, to check there isn’t an underlying medical cause. Apart from that, the length of time that you’ve had a problem doesn’t really play a part when it comes to fixing it. Obviously if you’ve had poor sleep for years, you need to be patient as you work through the Programme – but most people including those with long term insomnia see significant improvements by Week 3.

I’m on sleeping meds. Will it still work? Consult your doctor if you’re thinking of reducing or stopping your sleeping medication.  The Programme is designed to turn you into a confident, self-sufficient sleeper with no need for meds. But you can certainly do the Programme while on meds. You’ll probably  find that either during the Programme or shortly after you’ve finished it, you feel able to reduce or stop them altogether.

What if I need some extra help? If you get stuck at any point you can book a complimentary Sleep Analysis Call with me. We’ll identify the problem and look at options for extra support.

I’m still not sure if it’s for me. How can I find out more? Let’s hop on a call together. Click this link to my diary and pick a time to suit you.

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