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I had a sleep consultation call with new client earlier this week. At the end of the call we decided it made perfect sense for her to join my Sleep Well programme.

“I’m excited” she said at the end of the call

I never thought that this could happen.   I just thought that you were either a good sleeper or a bad one. You couldn’t change.”

Now I understand that when you’ve had a sleep problem for a long time (her problems started when she was 21 and she is now in her early forties)  it can seem this way.

You’ve suffered lack of sleep for so long you’ve forgotten what it’s like to enjoy a restful night.

The world becomes divided into those who can and those who can’t.  You get used to it.  You cope with it. You accept it. 

I’ve always been a bad sleeper ” you say to yourself and anyone else who’s interested.

Well I’m interested because I know that it can be otherwise. I know it really is possible to turn your sleep around, without medication, fancy gadgets or a faddy diet.


In fact all it takes is about 3-5 weeks of science-based strategies to retrain the body and mind back into healthy sleep habits.


But by labelling yourself a bad sleeper you’re denying yourself that possibility. The label of “bad sleeper” keeps you stuck – 
  • it stops you from hoping it could ever be otherwise
  • it stops you from deciding it’s time to fix your sleep
  • it stops you from tapping into the energy that comes from good sleep – and enjoying all the opportunities that refreshing sleep will open up for you…

    There’s never been a better time to fix your sleep.
    The first step is to unpin that label and put it in the bin – for good.

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