Ideas, advice and practical tips to support you in your journey to Sleep Well.


Here you’ll find my regular posts with ideas, advice and practical tips to support you in your journey to Sleep Well.  I approach the topic from various angles. Sometimes, for example, I’ll describe techniques to reduce and manage stress;  at other times I may look at ways to reduce the negative chatter you hear in your head. In this way, the tips and techniques I share here are often  relevant to other aspects of life, beyond getting a good night’s shut-eye! Subscribe at the bottom of the page to make sure you get the posts delivered straight to your in-box. 

Troubled by your flakey memory?

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the Committee of Sleep has worked on it. So wrote John Steinbeck in his 1954 novel Sweet Thursday. Steinbeck was drawing on common knowledge. Back in the 1950’s there was...

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Wired-tired when you get into bed?

You know how you feel when you’ve had a long day at work, in front of a screen or in Zoom meetings for hours?  You grab ten minutes here and there for a quick break but for most of the day you're full-on. You get a lot done but when you eventually walk away from your...

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Don’t give in, don’t give up

I had a sleep consultation call with new client earlier this week. At the end of the call we decided it made perfect sense for her to join my Sleep Well programme. "I'm excited" she said at the end of the call "I never thought that this could happen.   I just thought...

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How to stop thinking about work when you want to sleep

You've done all the right things - exercised, stopped the coffee early, avoided that extra glass of wine with your dinner. You even did some yoga for goodness sake! Yet still you can't sleep! Your mind's still spinning with work. Your frustration builds until sleep...

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