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      Insights and practical advice to overcome insomnia and sleeping problems. 


      Here you’ll find my library of practical posts on how to overcome to insomnia and sleep problems.  I approach the topic from various angles. Sometimes, for example, I’ll describe techniques to reduce and manage stress;  at other times I may look at ways to reduce the negative chatter you hear in your head. In this way, the tips and techniques I share here are often relevant to other aspects of life, beyond getting a good night’s shut-eye! Subscribe at the bottom of the page to make sure you get the posts delivered straight to your in-box.

      Sound Sleep in Strange Times

      During the past year we’ve all had to become much smarter about protecting our health and wellbeing.  Pre-Covid we had structures and routines that may have felt burdensome at times but  were in fact supportive. We had the company of our colleagues with the...

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      Is lack of sleep making you more vulnerable to burnout?

      A question that's often been put to me in recent months is How has the pandemic affected people’s sleep? Has it made it worse? The answer seems to be that for some, their sleep has improved. They’ve had more time to exercise, have fun with the kids and enjoy family...

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      Your Heart and Head guide to success in 2021

      As I started out on my run today enjoying the beauty of the frosty morning, a white feather floated slowly down from a tree to settle just in front of me on the path.  The soft feather caught my attention. At first I thought it was a large snowflake. Then as it got...

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      As the leaves fall does your mood drop too?

      This post looks at Seasonal Affective disorder or SAD. Often called the "Winter Blues", it's a form of depression that can turn these months into a real struggle for some people. Here I'll describe the typical symptoms of SAD and suggest practical steps that will help...

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