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I’m Frances, The Sleep Fixer, Creator of Sleep Well Programmes that take you from unhappy and sleep-deprived to energised and sleep-confident within 5 weeks. I show you exactly what to do to bring refreshing sleep, a happier and healthier home life and renewed energy, focus and motivation at work. My no-nonsense, effective strategies go beyond simply how to sleep well to transform your whole life. You won’t have to research your own “cures”,  get frustrated by superficial online advice and waste precious time and energy in the process. All this and more with a no-quibble money-back guarantee.

 My Sleep Well Programmes are designed for high achievers and based on my science-backed, step by step approach. This blends the latest UK Government recommended insomnia treatments with the practical, tried and tested tools I’ve developed over the years guiding professionals like you to sleep well again.

Want clarity about what’s between you and a great night’s sleep?  Book your complimentary Sleep Analysis Call with me and let’s get started!

Work with Me

Sleep Analysis Call

This is the chance for you to get professional advice about your sleep. You can use this time in whatever way you choose. You might want to check out if you are doing everything you can to get the best possible sleep. Or you may be wondering if your sleep could be better and want a professional opinion. Or you might already be only too aware that your sleep is just not good enough and you want to explore your options for fixing it. You are at the centre of the call and by the end you’ll be clear about what the next steps are to maximise your chances of healthy, refreshing sleep.  


Sleep Well Fundamentals

This online course brings together all that you need to know to tackle your sleeping difficulty.  Based on the latest clinically tested approaches, you’ll identify the exact nature of your problem and then learn effective techniques to re-build sound sleep.

Sleep Well 121 Premium

Fix your sleep within five weeks (most people notice significant improvements after just three). If you know you need help fast so you can get back to being on top of your game, this fully bespoke Programme is for you.  You won’t need to wade through generalist advice or use trial and error.  Working together by phone or Zoom, we’ll get straight to the heart of the matter and move quickly to practical strategies to get your sleep, work and life back on track – without medication, woo hoo or fancy gadgets.

What People Are Saying

This programme is a ‘game-changer’.  I’ve had sleep problems for years which contributed to significant period of ill-health, and this helped me get back on my feet and ready to face the World again. Also Frances has a great manner.  She provides help over and above the basic ‘sleep’ requirements, looking at what else is going on in the person’s life and how she may be able to help (in my case returning to work after a long period off through poor health).


Partner, UK Law firm

 I have been a light sleeper since my children were born. Our sessions firstly identified why I was struggling to sleep through the night, and then agreed a clear action plan for behaviour changes. The impact was very quickly significant and my quality of sleep is hugely improved, with all the resulting daytime benefits of clearing thinking and higher energy levels. Frances is a perceptive, intuitive, easy to open up to and a natural coach.

Sallyann Betts

Head of Account Management, G C Business Hub

I’ve had sleep issues for decades and over the years have explored all sorts of “cures” with little or no success. When I contacted Frances I was just hoping for a small improvement. The last two years has been particularly bad so a small improvement would have been very welcome. What happened felt almost miraculous. I now sleep 6 – 8 hours a night and am happy to give up my label of ” poor sleeper”


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Troubled by your flakey memory?

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the Committee of Sleep has worked on it. So wrote John Steinbeck in his 1954 novel Sweet Thursday. Steinbeck was drawing on common knowledge. Back in the 1950’s there was...

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Wired-tired when you get into bed?

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Don’t give in, don’t give up

I had a sleep consultation call with new client earlier this week. At the end of the call we decided it made perfect sense for her to join my Sleep Well programme. "I'm excited" she said at the end of the call "I never thought that this could happen.   I just thought...

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